• japon1
  • Born in 1957 in Versailles. Lives in Céret (66) and in La Rochelle (17).
  • DEA in Plastic arts, Paris University 1 in 1999
  • Her research aims to question the “photo-graphic” strings that knot together in photography.
  • How can we apprehend their limits, prove their resistance, measure their spaces?
  • Photograph for “memory”. Photograph from Memory. A question of frontier.
  • Placing the levels. Put oneself on the fringe, at the edge, between.
  • A question of time. Explore this in-between, this time between the indefinable with many mixed temporal sensations, between the memory & the forgotten, photos and paintings, clear and hazy, fiction and reality, there where everything is still possible & moving. Put oneself in the echo.
  • And placed this moment in reality.
  • A type of writing. Auto(photo) biography. A writing of the time.
  • Formation :
    • 2005,
    • Stage PNR Midi-Pyrénées, “Lectures d’une exposition”.
    • 2004,
    • Stage PAO (Xpress, Illustrator, Photoshop).
    • Stage PNR Image-Photographie de l’académie de Créteil : “Les nouveaux territoires de l’image”.
    • 2003,
    • Stage PNR Image-Photographie de l’académie de Créteil : “Les images photographiques et les artistes”.