• L Hubert 01I was born in 1968 in the Paris area.
  • I have the sentiment of having always lived in the town and the land 1940. My father, aged 10, began to work in the fields. My mother suffered from hunger. The family moved from the suburbs to renting a farm.
  • From them I have inherited an unconditional love of cultivated and wild nature – its saving virtues and possiblities of food – and also a strong attraction to the town and its cultural diversity.
  • Very early in life my aptitude for art expressed itself through drawing and then photographic work. Languages and travels satisfied my wish to travel and discover abroad. It was during my time at the workshop of the Met of Penninghem that I had 2 major encounters: the “Point ligne plan” of Kandinsky and a remark of the history of art professor “the sense of a composition is it not born at the same moment that man cultivated his first field?”
  • Stupefaction! I decided to take these “keys” and know that henceforth my photo school will be my life.
  • Chance and curiosity led me to radio and  television where I did successive missions during 8 years. There are talks of other lives. I like that. Sometimes Not. In particular speeches and images in a caricatured tone. I suddenly need to live my peasant cultural identity before going into photography. I left Paris to cultivate my land. A dream which is not one.
  • My only dream : photography. At this stage in my life I need to survive! Photography is a breath to live without limits “my culture and my cult”. This begins in 2003.
  • I began by selling photos of the land to interested ministries. But I want to become an author of my work. A first gallery (Gallery Iris in Paris) exhibit the base work of my first research 
  • “Terre des Siens” (“Land of theirs”) in 2006. 
  • Elsewhere is an invitation to travel in the land of the imaginary……