Romain Jacquet Lagreze Portrait

I am a French photographer based in Hong Kong where I shoot most of my projects. In 2011 I started working on my first project 'Vertical Horizon' focused on the vertical growth of Hong Kong. This series has been published in 2012 as a coffee table book and been reprinted as a 2nd and 3rd edition in 2014 and 2017.

My second project 'Wild Concrete' is depicting the resilience of nature in the middle of Hong Kong's busiest districts. It shows how a local species of tree, the Chinese Banyan (also called strangler trees) is spreading its roots on the concrete of inhabited buildings, thus redefining the balance between nature and people in the middle of a mega city.

My third main project 'The Blue Moment' is a contemplation of Hong Kong during the last moment of dusk, when the sky takes on a deep blue tinge which is then reflected onto everything that is below. During this very brief moment a blue veil envelops Hong Kong and releases a mystical atmosphere highlighting the surreal aspect of this city where sheer urban density, wild nature and waterscapes are all bound in a such a small territory.

Since 2013 I have been exhibiting my work in Hong Kong, Singapore, China, France and the Netherlands. My photos have been featured in major publications across the world (The Guardian, National Geographic, Huffington Post, CNN, Wall Street Journal, El Pais, Le Figaro Magazine, Die Welt, Apple Daily).