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Our expertise: define and find the "image" adapted to the intervention context.

25 years of experience in the different professions of photography:

A vision, recognized in the profession and especially by photographers, in the support of their work, the selection of their images and their "universe" with the wishes of the buyers, (collectors, private individuals, companies, foundations, institutions... ).

  • A network of “non-standard” photographers, artists or reporters, to find the answer to specific content expectations.
  • A curator and scenographe know-how, built by numerous expositions.
  • An artistic bias in the promotion of photography as a work of art, signed and numbered in a short limited edition.

For an answer :

  • Reactive in its approach.
  • Creative in its image proposals.
  • Adapted to its buyers’ tastes and sensitivities
  • Innovative in its staging and production choices
  • Operational in compliance with site constraints, delays and budgets

In an equitable relationship with its authors-photographers, who systematically receive 50% of revenues from copyright operations.



Our expertise :

Provide artistic and cultural solutions to companies and institutions. A dual experience of corporate and brand strategy, and the photography professions, today legitimizes our capacity to intervene at the convergence of these two approaches.

Our solutions :

Creative solutions in institutional contexts, internal or external communication.

  • External Communication: Institutional brochure, annual report, iconography of the website, product or service catalogs, internal newspaper/newsletter.
  • Specifications and implementation of visual solutions for decoration of headquarters, offices, academy, internal training center, networks, etc...
  • Internal Communication: employee portrait sessions, leader portraits.

Mastery of photography professions, at the service of the company or institution.

  •   Establishment of a photographic charter for communication.
  • Creation of photographic awards, photo contests, exhibit set-ups, book publishing/book editions.
  • Seminar animations, portrait session, studio visit, meeting with photographers.
  • Conference (themes: collection, value, photo-journalism, photo markets…portraiture, identity, the “truth” of things, manipulation…).

“Creative” translation of the corporate culture.

  • Internal mobilization approaches.
  • Matching the corporate image, its values, with its internal or external communication media.
  • Multisensory identity of the brand.
  • “Creative” marketing that integrates artistic expression into the link with the client or user, cultural immersion.
  • Artistic patronage, collection creation, company foundation animation.

Examples of intervention:

Antalis © Gregoire Philipidhis

antalis gregoire

Artisans d'art de Paris © Gilles Perrin


Château Cheval Blanc © Liliroze

Cheval blanc

OP © Gregoire Philipidhis


Givaudan © Liliroze


Yves Rocher © Kiiro


Other références : Renault, groupe Nobel (usines de produits chimiques), usines textiles,  BNP Paribas, Carrefour, Chaffoteau et Maury, (chauffe-eau), Valeo (pièces détachées d’automobiles), Dunlop, Honda, Orange, Wurlin Soplamed (matériel médical) Initial BTB (hygiène et sécurité industrielle)…