Luxury Classic frame

The print is set in a classic black-tinted beech oak frame – black being the best adapted neutral colour for photography.
The 3 cm (1.2 inch) thickness of the frame sets off the photo bringing it out from the wall.
The glass is anti ultra-violet ray to protect your photo from light damage and anti-reflect. The glass we choose ensures perfect transparency without dulling the image.
Lastly, the photo is mounted under a 15/10ème passe-partout that has a neutral PH and is bevelled at 45°.
The photo is at it’s best and also distanced from the glass. It will not suffer damage from condensation.
All these features offer maximum protection for your photo.

Our finishing proposals are at the top level of excellence, thought and artcrafted to add value to the print itself as well as to protect it at the maximum. There are plenty other options, of which less expensive ones, on demand.