Christoph Franke self portrait site

I am inspired by the idea that photographic images create associations in the brain not merely based on optical information but rather that – similar to water – they store and release energy.
Originally influenced by the encounter with the alchemist and photographer Marino Lazzeroni, I am now experimenting with the concept of “Zen in the Art of Archery” in my photography in order to achieve a moment of oneness with the subject.
I am particularly interested in the principle of polarity. Opposites make the reality as we know it. It is with the help of the basic fondamentals above and below, light and shadow or yin and yang that we are able to perceive the material world.

I feel that photography is an excellent medium to shine a light on these concepts. Following my main subject “On the Nature of Things” I would like to invite the viewer to a new experience of what we usually take for granted.