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Our expertise: define and find the "image" adapted to the intervention context.

25 years of experience in the different professions of photography:

A vision, recognized in the profession and especially by photographers, in the support of their work, the selection of their images and their "universe" with the wishes of the buyers, (collectors, private individuals, companies, foundations, institutions... ).

  • A network of “non-standard” photographers, artists or reporters, to find the answer to specific content expectations.
  • A curator and scenographe know-how, built by numerous expositions.
  • An artistic bias in the promotion of photography as a work of art, signed and numbered in a short limited edition.

For an answer :

  • Reactive in its approach.
  • Creative in its image proposals.
  • Adapted to its buyers’ tastes and sensitivities
  • Innovative in its staging and production choices
  • Operational in compliance with site constraints, delays and budgets

In an equitable relationship with its authors-photographers, who systematically receive 50% of revenues from copyright operations.