Our statement

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  • Differently. Photography is contemporary because of it’s vitality and reactivity.
  • Photography is constantly enriched by new contributions, recording diverse reactions to the multiple facets of a seething world going beyond simple voyeurism. We highlight new approaches, remarkable in their subjectivity of observation and creative execution. The proposed artists are young talents, not solely in age but also in their youthful capacity to invent, re-invent or renew. We avoid the celebration of affirmed names already heralded elsewhere. We are discovering, betting, looking at budding talents. It’s impossible to confine it inside frontiers that mean nothing. This art is nourished by the air of time and our era goes beyond frontiers. If European photographers have so often been inspired by the discovery of far-flown cultures, these cultures also carry talents of strength and singularity that we wish to promote.
  • Differently. Photography defines it’s own limits.
  • Photography has an unique advantage : it can be reproduced. However, this strength is often weakened in the name of “rarity” in order to give the work more value. We respect this value rule by limited editions : 1 to 5 or 1 to 12 copies of the same photograph. For the proven amateur or collector these limited editions have the advantage of retaining a patrimonial inheritance worth, even a speculative value, in a market where photography ‘gains’ value with time.
  • Differently. Photography is a passion.
  • Finally because this course is the result of an enduring passion “Charlet photographies” is the expression of a personal engagement for the discovery of new talents, new photographs with total subjectivity.
  • For the contentment of photographers and for that of photograph lovers.