40 years after may 68

40 ans mai 68 affiche


For the 40th anniversary of may 68.

Dominique Charlet, founding director of « Charlet Photographies », Mathieu Barres : poster collectior d'affiches and Geoffroy Sirven-Viénot, director of the article communication agency and private collector organised an exhibition with talks around the heritage of May 68.

This exhibition shows photography, posters, tract, writings, movies, press documents and sound tracks to show the more truly this crazy creativ atmosphere present in May 68.

Finishing by a auction conducted by Pierre Cornette de Saint Cyr.

- 100 rare photography from the most famous photographers (Claude Dityvon, Philippe Johnsson, Marc Riboud, Alain Noguès et Goksin Sipahioglu)
- A hundred original Posters
- 4 ciné tracts in 16 mm shot by Jean Luc Godard and Alain Resnais. 

40 ans mai 68


40 ans mai 68 Claude Dityvon

40 ans mai 68 Claude Dityvon

40 ans mai 68 Claude Dityvon

© Claude Dityvon