Emily Schiffer

2012 See Potential 02

See Potential is an extension of the photography documentary project Emily Schiffer began with support from the Magnum Foundation Emergency Fund.

Envisioning positive change and mobilizing Chicago's South Side community through large-scale public photography instillations.

On January 5th, we reached our initial $10,000 goal, and have since surpassed it! The additional funding will be used to create more installation sites. We are incredibly excited to get started!

See Potential uses documentary photographs to pre-visualize a better future. In the South Side of Chicago, a lack of access to affordable, healthy foods is holding a community captive to circumstance. With the tools available to us today, urban decay is an opportunity for self-sufficiency to blossom. We (the community) can create self-sustaining, hyperlocal systems to cultivate well-being in systemically neglected communities.

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