Photographes / Photographers


 37 Nakumo ethnie Mursi.4633

Singularité, 2017, gallery Les Modillons, Vindelle, France
Comparecencias, 2014, San Luis Potosi, Mexico, festival Mano a Mano, France-Mexico
Detroit Resurgent, 2014, Michigan State University Museum, Detroit, Michigan, USA
An Extraordinary Document of Our World, 2013, Michigan State University Museum,
East Lansing, Michigan, USA
Detroit Resurgent, 2013, Michigan State University Museum, East Lansing, Michigan, USA
Yene Konjo, portraits Ethiopia, Mali, Niger, 2013, N’Namdi gallery, Detroit, Michigan, USA
Paysages humains, 2012, Museu da Imagem, Braga Portugal
Majorettes, 2012, Berck, France; 2011, Photaumnales, Beauvais, France
Femmes, 2011, Rueil-Malmaison, France
People of the sea, 2010-2011, Cobh, Skibbereen Co. Cork, Dublin,Ireland
Voyages, 2010, Photo Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Paris, France
Bwaba masks Burkina Faso, 2011, Voies off, Rencontres d’Arles, France
China 2007-2009, France,
Urban portraits, 2008, Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, France
Recent photographs, 2008, Paris, France
Portraits of South India, 2008, Paris, France
Geerewal ceremony, Niger, 2007-2008, Paris, France
Ethiopia, portraits of the Omo valley, 2006, Paris, France
Craftsmen in Paris, 2000-2006, France, China, Italy, Japan and Hungary,
scholarship of the cultural Affairs department of the city of Paris
Meet Gilles Perrin, indigenous portraits, Mali, China, Tibet, Peru, Egypt, 2004-2005, France
Portraits of Mali, 2003, National Black Arts Festival, Atlanta USA;
2007, France
Immigration in Limousin, 2004-2005, France, Germany, produced by Peuple et Culture and Fasil
Portraits of the world, 2004-2005, Paris, France
China, panorama pictures, 2003-2004, China, France, produced by the city of Bobigny
Vielle-Aure, portrait of a village, 2000 France, scholarship of the General Council of Hautes-Pyrénées
and the Regional Council of Midi-Pyrénées, produced by Ici et Maintenant
Egyptian women, 1999 Unesco Paris, France; 2004 Egypt
Bobigny, Portraits de ville portraits de cœur, 1999, France,
scholarship of the Cultural service of the city of Bobigny
The streets of Alexandria, 1999-2004, Egypt, Belgium, France
Egyptian People, 1998 mois de la Photo, Paris, France, 2004 Egypt
Portraits and panorama pictures of Egypt,1993-2000 France, Egypt
Portraits of China, 1989-2004, Fnac galleries France and Belgium, Alliances françaises China
Wandering without title, memory of the coal mine, 1990, France,
scholarship of the General Council of Pas-de-Calais, Drac Nord-Pas-de-Calais, Culture   
Commune and of Polaroïd France
China, 1989, Il Diaframa gallery, Milan, Italy


Mursi & Surma, 2017, Chroniques nomades, Auxerre, France
Industry culture value innovation, 2016, International industrial photography festival, Shenyang (Tiexi), China
Attention les yeux, 2012, Les Douches, Paris, France
Cadavres exquis, Paris-Berlin Fotogroup, 2010, Berlin, Stuttgart, Germany, 2012, Paris, Arles, France
The power of photography, 2010, Tokyo Photo, Japan
Tomorrow our children, 2008,Sénat and Bourse du commerce, Paris, France
Desert, 2009, Montparnasse Museum, Paris, FranceEsprit de Paris, 2008, Tokyo, Japan
Parcours onirique, 2007, Paris
Ethiopia, portraits of the Omo valley, 2006-2007, Meeting with the Middle East,
the ninth International Photography Gathering, Alep, Syria
Violence Against the Earth, 2006, Mocah, Houston Texas, USA
Tibet, Imaging Asia in documents, 2006, Daegu Photo Biennale, South Korea
Portraits and panorama pictures of China, 1999-2003 China; 2008 France,
Scholarship offered by the Shanghai and the Beijing Municipal Governments for the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the liberation of Shanghai and the creation of the People’s Republic of China.
Alexandrie revisitée, 1998, institut du Monde arabe, Paris, France
Les trois grandes Égyptiennes, 1993, museum of photography, Charleroi, Belgium;
1994, mois de la Photo, hôtel de Sully, Paris; 2000 Egypt, France