Nathalie Wernimont

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Sales price: 385,00 €
Sales price: 385,00 €
Sales price: 385,00 €
Sales price: 385,00 €

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Extract from « Guide de Photographie de l’Ouest »
Interview by Paul Vancassel

What is the practical sense of photography for you?
N. Wernimont
Being above all ……… the photographer comes from the being.
It’s being frank and accepting oneself. Clairvoyant man, the artist, reveals and brings to the surface the union of a being.
Photographer or artist, its not a profession. It’s a profession to being. The photographer constructs his own mirror and gives a view beyond the apparent.
The image proposed is like an inversed magnifying glass – sending back every one to his own emotions. It permits oneself to re-appropriate a little of oneself.
Photography speaks of us, of what we have of the most intimate, or our unconsciousness. This brings about the question of the growing attraction of the photograph in these last years. Is it not a reply to a society that occults the individual?
Without any gentleness, the photographer brings signs and reveals our own perceptive state.