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Lillian Merritt never imagined a future behind a camera, it was always ballet shoes and tutus. However, the moment photography presented itself she could not imagine a life without it. Lillian’s journey into photography began in 2013 at the age of eleven. Over time her skills began to develop, resulting in the creation of her business, Strength of Atlantis, in 2016.

The passion to create the worlds she sees in her mind has driven her forward in her art. Through self-portraiture, Lillian is able to place herself into theses fanciful and whimsical worlds, experiencing them both as herself and someone else entirely.

She enjoys the thrill of creating on location, seeking out unique and beautiful locations. Wearing nightgowns or vintage dresses, she moves barefoot through these areas with her camera in hand. Her characters come alive through anonymity, inviting viewers to join her in these stories to learn that the darkness is never completely suffocating.

Transforming elements of fantasy and reality, she strives to create stories of light in darkness. Everywhere we look stories can be found, pulsing with life and color, waiting to be found. Lillian actively searches for these stories, hoping to share them with others who have been unable to see them thus far.

Taking imagination and fantasy, she transforms them into something tangible, mixing together darkness and light to create symphonies of life and death.