Fotofever 2015

Charlet photographies at Fotofever from 12th to 15th of November 2015.
At Carrousel du Louvre in Paris.

Simona Fotofever

Presenting the photography of 5 artists

Simona Bonanno

Simona Bonanno The INNER INVISIBLE 15

".... A feeling that can not be seen, that does not appear in our "visual horizon of the world" but is felt and experienced from the inside." M. Henry.
This feeling finds its expressive and symbolic function in colour, placing emphasis on emotion. Colour becomes a communicative bridge between human beings and the outside world, a reflection of spiritual balance that allows one to "feel" the invisible. Where light meets colour in a reversed horizon, where perception of the "known" is lost, it is there that human beings find their innermost need, combining intimate harmony and spirituality in the abstract song of colour and lines. Colours are like moods, the sea and the sky, vehicles of intimate feelings, here they become fields of colour. The most intimate unknown finds it's voice in overturning what is real, deconstructing a known landscape across what seems our own interior necessity.

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Frédérique Bouet


Nothing can against the fragility of the past. By nature present sweat wears it out. Nothing can go against the drift, the permanent erosion of “remembrance”.
The memory slips between out fingers. It leaves us speechless. Because of time. The arrow that pierces like death at the heart of each moment. It spears us.
And we are insects despite ourselves. Ephemeral to time scale. We can only resist or accept; light volatile or shielded, stuck fatalistic.

I prefer the butterfly. It’s maybe the only being to lightly carry the weight of its brief destiny: he flies.
So I photograph the volatility and the small music of time that passes. And the traces of forget on the memory. 
In photography there is a strange anchoring to time, in light and silence. And memory also.

The creative process of my pictures is like the process of remembrance.
My work is often made of series: it proceeds the collection and juxtaposition. It functions like lots of memories, fragments of time recorded and juxtaposable. 
I try to reconstitute the complex memory process in photos that allow no focal point, a visual play that mixes, condenses, superposes different images as the memory records different times – that of the present, the past and that of the memory that prolongs perception of the present moment: the imagination.

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Mariska Karto

 2 900elinevolledig6

I create beauty and visualize it in my own universe. Its beauty and emotion as I see it and feel it. The human in and around me are a constant source of inspiration.

It is these stories that touches me. Painters of life, thats what these stories are. Stories that feeds me, fills me and eventually become one with me. I talk to you in a language without words, by using symbolism, color, light and shadow.

Its a visual language which let you feel, flourish but also let shiver. In this world of silence and serenity, tension and sensuality, grief and irrationality, I show you humankind and the complexity of life. It is this complexity - the splinters of life - which captivate and fascinates me. At the same time my work shows hope and new perspectives for an unknown future.  A new awareness excists, it is the possitive message in my work.

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Haley Jane Samuelson

 hsamuelson indecisive moment

Haley Jane Samuelson was born and raised in Denver, Colorado until the age of thirteen when her family relocated to Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It was there she first fell in love with photography. She currently lives and works in New York City, where she is represented by Hous Projects Gallery. Her work has been shown at art fairs across the globe, including Photo LA, Photo Miami and Art Basel. In June 2009, she had her first NYC Solo Show, "Another Room" which was well-received, gaining some publicity, most notably a short review in The New Yorker by Vince Aletti. Her work has been published in several international magazines including Zoom Magazine, Oxford American Photo France, and Korea Photo+ among others.

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Dominic Turner

Dominic Turner Dream Park 05

The duality contained within the ecology of the public park is the central thread running through the images in this series. While the majority of people use these spaces for perfectly normal and positive activities such as walking the dog, having a picnic, feeding the ducks, pushing a pram, jogging or playing a game of football, a darker side runs in parallel – the drug dealing and taking, homelessness, prostitution, violence and even murder.
The photographs in this series are a response to this dichotomy, at once expressing their contrived beauty or picture perfectness with a sense of unease and foreboding.

The aesthetic palette of the 19th century Pictorialists is employed, combining the look and feel of early photographic processes with the atmospherics of inclement weather – fog, rain, snow - as a backdrop in an attempt to obscure the detail within the scene. By contemporising this technique, it becomes a visual metaphor. While these scenes may look somewhat pleasing, the lack of detail hints at a fuller picture and a sense that there is more going on here that is obscured from view.
The Dream Park series is an ongoing work.

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 On vous y attend !

Fotofever Paris 2015,
from 12th to 15 of november,
Carrousel du Louvre in Paris.

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